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Gold color gives you a positive mood.

The silver color gives a chic and stylish impression.

Material: SV925 (GOLD: K18 coating)

Size: 2cm x 2.5cm


*Specifications may vary slightly as each item is handmade. note that.

*Natural stones and vintage parts vary in color, shape, and pattern. We hope you enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind accessory in the world.

*It will take approximately 1 week from payment to delivery.

Customer Reviews

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no named
I changed it to earrings.

It was much lighter than it looked and was easy to wear. Since I changed it to earrings, I was prepared for the extra metal fittings to be visible unlike earrings, but I was impressed by the exquisite placement of the metal fittings and how they looked just like earrings when worn. It has a distinctive design, but once you put it on, it becomes surprisingly familiar, and it brightens up the area around your face, making it very easy to use. Even if your ears are somewhat hidden by your hair, they are a good size, so they will quietly make a statement without making you look plain, and you will look fashionable no matter what clothes you wear.
I was very grateful that they were so willing to help with design consultations, changes to the earrings, and how to care for them.
If there is a pop-up near you, I would definitely like to visit.